terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010


That's the word. It comes

to me in a moment as my brother

waves his hands, eyebrow gymnastics

and Steven Hawkins soliloquy

stretching across the table.

We can predict the path

of human behavior, it all relates

to our past experiences

and patterns found in every day life...

he trails off, eyebrows landing soft

and hands ducking beneath the table.

The universes' mysteries, her habits

tangle in his brain,

unfurling in rare, precious moments.

Life is so big and so

small at the same time, and for that reason

I am thankful for a few shared months

gleaned from the universes' infinite,

swirling blue march, in a place

where toilets flush counter-

clockwise and mullets are popular

and steak sizzles over hot coals

at every street corner.

Some patterns do not repeat

except in memory

so we hold those memories close

to remind us of what was

and that, if we want,

we have the power to repeat them.

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